Best White X570 Motherboard: Expert’s Pick

Best White X570 Motherboard: featured image

AMD Ryzen X570 motherboard has taken the performance of PCs to another level. The presence of PCIe, USB ports, different connectivity options, I/O ports has certainly given the required push to the performance as compared to the earlier series X470. Unfortunately, you will still not find a huge variety of X570 Motherboards in the market for now and if you want the best White X570 motherboard, the options are lesser.

If you are looking for a best white X570 motherboards that performs great, the list becomes thinner and we can get only 2 white motherboards that surpassed our expectations. We have reviewed our top 2 choices for white x570 motherboard in this article and also, we have some shopping tips for you which will come in handy while choosing a motherboard for your PC. So, let’s get started.

Best White X570 Motherboard: Expert’s Pick

As mentioned, we have come up with the two best white motherboards for you. Here is a detailed review of each motherboard for you.

1. ASUS Prime X570 Pro – Editor’s Choice

ASUS Prime X570 Pro: overall best white x570 motherboard

After the launch of the Ryzen 3000 series processors, we have come across different motherboards from different brands but most people have ignored ASUS motherboards. ASUS always makes sure to provide the user with what they need and delete all the features that people won’t use. This makes ASUS better and more affordable options.

When it comes to the design, there is not much difference in the design as compared to the previous version X470 motherboards. It has an AM4 socket which works well with an AMD motherboard. It also supports both third and second-generation AMD processors. On the left of the board, you will get a CPU connector having basic 8 pins EPS connectors.

There are also 4 pins extra available for user convenience. But one thing that you need to be aware of is that you will need more power to run this motherboard than X470. If the white color is not your priority, you get to choose the other best X570 motherboard with additional features.


  • Simple and minimal design
  • The overall performance of the motherboard is considerably good.


  • Does not have Wi-Fi connectivity options
  • The software package could have been cleaner

2. ASUS Prime X570-P – All-Rounder

ASUS Prime X570-P

Well,  this may not be the premium motherboard that you are looking for but there is still a lot of things this can offer you. The motherboard works well with 5000, 2000, 3000 generation AMD processors. For optimal performance, one must use it with the AMD 5000 processors. With all the cooling solutions, connectivity options, this motherboard is indeed worth the hype and therefore is the overall best white X570 motherboard.

Also, the motherboard has more power usage than the previous series x470. What most ASUS motherboards lack is the cooling solution but in this model, they have surpassed the expectations of most people. In this model, you will get the complete cooling solution as well as it offers you complete control over the function of fans. There are also 4 DD4 DDIM slots present which can be used up to facilitate up to 128 GB.

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  • Sleek design
  • Overall performance is good


  • Does not have wi-fi
  • No premium features present

Some Buying Tips for the Best White X570 Motherboard

Before concluding this article, we have got some shopping tips for you that you can use. Keep these certain things in mind while choosing a motherboard for your PC.

  • DIMM slots: these are important in determining the versatility of the motherboard. The more slots present in the motherboard, the more flexible it becomes. With the help of the DIMM slots, you can increase the RAM of your system and that will certainly lead to enhanced performance of the PC.
  • Design and Look: So, if you are a PC enthusiast, design and looking for the system matter the most for you. If your PC looks good, certainly you will like to spend more time gaming.
  • UEFI and BIOS: another thing that you will have to keep in mind is the presence of UEFI and BIOS. This helps you determine the compatibility with the OS and the customization possible on the system


So, these were some shopping tips for you to buy the best white X570 motherboard for you. Also, we have reviewed the top 2 options available in the market. We hope this helped you.


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