Best 3 1440P 240Hz Monitor for Your PC [2022 Updated]

1440P 240Hz Monitor: Featured image

A monitor with a high refresh rate is important especially when you are into competitive or professional gaming. Therefore one must not ignore the importance of a good monitor while designing or building a high-specs PC. Though sometimes it is more feasible to play games on a PC display but for competitive gaming, you need to look for a monitor which is specifically designed for gaming like a 1440p 240Hz monitor.

One of the major factors that one has to consider while buying a monitor is the refresh rate of that monitor. Higher the refresh rate smoother the reflex experience. Monitors having a high refresh rate offer a much smoother gaming experience and the user will encounter fast reflexes even in competitive gaming.

For people who need a high refresh rate gaming monitor, we have come up with the 3 best 1440p 240Hz monitors. Check out the detailed review of each monitor below.

3 Best 1440P 240Hz Monitor 

Based on the type of panel, resolution, response time or refresh rate, we have tested and reviewed the top 3 1440p 240Hz monitors for you. For an honest review of the monitors, keep reading the article.

1. Alienware AW2721D (Best 1440P 240Hz Monitor)

Alienware AW2721D Monitor: Best overall 1440p 240Hz monitor

If you are using a 1440p monitor, you need a resolution of 27” and you can achieve that with Alienware AW2721D monitor. When it comes to the response time, it has a response time of 1ms. Furthermore, by installing the best AMD graphics card, you can experience more vibrant colors while gaming.

The company has been providing affordable and feature-rich products in the market which are good at performance and lasts longer. With the help of the LED-backlit LCD monitor, the contrast ratio remains at 1000:1. Surely the monitor is designed for gamers but it still lacks the feel of the premium ones.

Moreover, it also has audio jacks that are also compatible with 3.5mm headphones.  There is also RGB lighting present which somewhat seems minimal for the screen. We like how the screen is as plain it can be with no logos. The monitor may not be compatible with the AMD Freesync but you can still enable it with some tweaks.


  • G-Sync technology by NVIDIA
  • 98% colour coverage


  • AMD freesync is not compatible
  • ULMB mode is not present

2. ASUS XG27AQM (Runner Up 1440P 240Hz Monitor)

ASUS XG27AQM: Affordable 1440p 240Hz monitor

Now, this model from Asus is an affordable option you can get your hands on. It comes with so many features that you may not even get in the expensive models. Talking about the image quality, this model features 99% RGB colour which is still not found in the most expensive 1440p 240Hz monitor. With this, a much more colourful and smooth picture is obtained.

Moreover, the response time is very low which makes sure to work efficiently even in fast games. However, it is also compatible with AMD freesync or Gsync.  When it comes to the design of the monitor, it has a very Ergonomic design. The stand of the monitor can be adjusted according to the need. This monitor also has different connectivity options including the two display ports, headphone jack, USB cable and more.


  • Ergonomic design and different connectivity options
  • Wide RGB lighting screen


  • Inferior contrast or IP Glow missing from the monitor
  • The look may not give any premium feels

3. Samsung Odyssey G7 (All-Rounder)

Samsung Odyssey G7

This monitor is available in both 32” and 27” sizes. It is not much difference between the specifications of other Samsung models. On a 27” screen size, the pixel density will be higher, hence, you will get a sharper picture.

Moreover, the VA panel on these models has a 2500:1 contrast ratio which ensures you get the proper detailing even in the shadows. One thing that we love about this monitor is the no ghosting feature irrespective of the response time. This model is also compatible with both Freesync and Gsync.


  • The Colour gamut is wide
  • Compatible with FreeSync


  • Screen curvature may not be everyone’s choice
  • Micro-stuttering issues have been reported by some users

Winding Up

If you are a professional gamer or like to play fast-paced games, a 1440p 240hz monitor should be your choice. We have listed our top choices and will update this list as soon as we try out new models and any of them surpasses these models. So, keep yourself updated with us and keep reading articles on our website.


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